Who is Coach Tyler?

Just a normal guy, with a normal life, and a passion for nutrition and fitness.

Hi! I'm Tyler.  Im a Personal Trainer and Nutrition/Weight Management Specialist. Im also a Dad, Christian, Employee too a great company, and live a normal lifestyle.  I know what its like to be busy and weighed down by day to day responsibilities.  I've spent years trying to find the best way to stay on top of nutrition and fitness while balancing the stresses of family, relationships, business, and other obligations.  I've been following "flexible dieting" and tracking macros for over 5 years and it has absolutely changed my life!  The days of being tied down by super restrictive diet plans, skipping social gatherings, and crazy exhausting workouts are over.  I want to share my experience with you.  I want you to learn nutritional freedom just like I did!


I'll try not to bore you with my life story, but I wasn't always into fitness.  I wasn't always into health.  I wasn't always into nutrition.

I was the kid growing up that wouldn't take his shirt off at the swimming pool.  I was the kid that was so self-conscious of my weight that I wore big, baggy clothes to hide my body.  I was also the kid that would sit and play video games while eating out of a gallon container of ice-cream, yes that was me.

Learn From My Mistakes...

My starting point was just like many others...

I had no idea where to begin, no real athletic background, and not much nutritional guidance growing up.  I felt so discouraged.  All I wanted was to feel better, look better, and get more out of life.  So I dove in head first and never looked back!

Over the past 7+ Years Ive experimented with numerous dieting strategies, workout routines, and supplement protocols.  I've tried crash diets, fad diets, restrictive diets, you name it...

Sometimes we want something so badly that we go to extremes to achieve our goals.  We end up burning out, exhausted, and feeling worse than when we started.  You don't have to suffer just for the sake of looking better in the mirror.  There are better ways, I promise!

I've learned that there really isn't a "quick fix".  If you want to make lasting changes you're going to have to work for it.  You're going to have to learn good habits, learn to be flexible, and learn to set realistic goals.

I thoroughly enjoy every second I spend helping my clients. I love helping others achieve their goals with simple and effective methods.  As your coach I will be with you every step of the way!  I want to take the guesswork out for you so you can make progress towards your goals while still enjoying a happy, balanced lifestyle!

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